Common questions asked by customers:

We ask that you do not store any hazardous, toxic, or illegal items. Some examples of items that cannot be stored are: Ammunitions, gasoline, paint, paint thinner, propane, food, produce, plants, fireworks, etc. If you have a question about storing an item(s), please ask the property manager.
You can purchase a durable, affordable lock from us on-site or bring your own.
We offer the flexibility to store as short or long as you'd like. Our storage rentals are month-to-month and require no deposit.
Yes, we are a certified U-Haul dealer that provides one-way and in-town truck rentals.
Anything you can fit through your front door, we can get in our storage facility.
Yes, we keep our single level storage building between 77 and 79 degrees year round.
Yes, we can customize your unit with a rod available for hanging clothing.