Image Description Price Dimensions:
Small Box - Ideal for Books, CD's, Utensils... $1.69 16x12x12
Medium Box - Ideal for Toys, Small Appliances, Kitchen Utensils... $2.99 18x18x16
Large Box - Ideal for Towels, Computer Monitors, Stereo Speakers... $3.49 18x18x24
X-Large Box - Ideal for Comforters, Lamp shades, Pillows... $4.99 24x18x24
File Storage Box - Ideal for Legal Size Folders, Business or Personal Records... $3.79 15x12x10
Wardrobe Box - Ideal for Hanging Clothes, Sports Coats, Draperies... $14.39 18x20x48
Newsprint - Ideal for Picture Frames, Breakables, Glass Décor... $13.79 10# Box
Disc Lock - Lock up belongings. $10.99

Affordable, high quality boxes and packing supplies.

We also have tape, shrink wrap, wrap bubble, mattress bags, and other packing supplies too.

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